A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Daniela Cardenas (Bride) WINDSOR, VT
This was a DIY outdoor wedding. My friends and family all helped assemble flower centerpieces and my bouquet. We didn't want too many flowers because we knew the setting was already gorgeous, so the few pops of color from the flowers really added a nice touch. We had an acrobatic first dance: which was the big surprise! That's the biggest part of our wedding story actually, so I hope you like the video :)
Flowers by Daniela Cardenas

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Flowers Used for Daniela Cardenas's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces

These were a great mix! The daisies really popped! They were my favorite!

Used for: Centerpieces

This greenery was mostly ok. One of the types of greenery was really floppy, so we didn't use that much at all, but the eucalyptus and the other greenery was great!

Used for: Centerpieces

We had these in the table center pieces and the bridal bouquet. Lovely!

Used for: Centerpieces

These were delayed in arriving due to stormy weather but 50 Flowers was very helpful and accommodating. They were a little drooping when they arrived but they perked up in time.

Choose Your Colors Rose Petals ( 6,000 Rose Petals )

Used for: Other

These petals were laid out for the ceremony leading to the ceremony site. My friend laid them out in a fire color where the colors progressively got more bold and ended in a spiral configuration. So beautiful!


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