A Garden Rose Test Run

Lindsey Anderson (Bride) MILWAUKEE, WI
I ordered these as a trial run for my wedding later this year. The flowers came well packed and arrived right on time. Three of the heads were separated from their stems in shipping. But the blooms themselves still looked really healthy, so I just dropped them into a clear bowl and displayed them that way. The rest of the flowers looked a little thirsty on arrival but were otherwise great, and perked right up after a few hours in water. I was impressed with the overall size and quality of the blooms and will definitely consider them for the main event too. In hindsight I wished I'd remembered that you're supposed to remove the guard petals from your roses before arranging them (you can ... see in the photo that many of the flowers still have rougher, less brightly colored outer petals). But even so, the flowers looked beautiful. And many of them lasted about two weeks, way longer than I was expecting! Show more

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Flowers Used for Lindsey Anderson's Arrangements

Save the Garden Roses ( 40 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

I loved the size and vibrancy of these roses. The fuchsia ones were probably my favorite, because they bloomed out so dramatically and had especially large, ruffled petals. But each variety was beautiful.