Amazing Flowers, Great Price

Megan (Bride) Madison, WI
I\'ve created wedding flower bouquets for a lot of weddings and I had never used Fifty Flowers before, so admittedly I was a little nervous at the thought that the flowers may not be what my bride had imagined...but when I showed her pictures of the bouquet I thought she would like, she insisted that we go for it, and I placed my first order with FiftyFlowers.\n \nThe flowers came in BEAUTIFULLY. They were everything the bride for could have wanted and more. The orchids were absolutely perfect...and the largest ones I have ever seen!. The roses, greenery, and filler were all in great condition when I received them - a little tired looking right when I first opened the package, yes, but after ... a little while in water, they perked back up wonderfully and I couldn\'t have asked for anything more.\n \nThank you for making my first experience a great one and I will definitely be placing more orders in the future! Show more