Beautiful Flowers And Wedding

Rebecca Schroeder (Bride) Victoria, TX
All of the flowers arrived perfectly and it was easy to get my mom and sister to help me cut them and put them in 5 gallon buckets to rehydrate. They were beautiful on Saturday and had arrived on Wednesday. I was very impressed with the quality and would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Flowers by Mom and Sister

Arrangements Made

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    Bridal Bouquet
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    Bridesmaid's Bouquets
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Flowers Used for Rebecca Schroeder's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces
Mixed Fresh Rose Petals

Choose Your Colors Rose Petals ( 12,000 Rose Petals )

Used for: Other

Light Pink White Bicolor Pink and White

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Light Pink and White