Beautiful Flowers For A LOT Less Than A Florist!

Shannon (Bride) Kansas City, MO
I was VERY nervous about ordering from Fify Flowers, as I am super, super picky and the people coming to the wedding are \"flower noticing people\". \nFifyflowers saved me nearly $2500, and the flowers were AMAZING. We had flowers everywhere, and everyone commented on how beautiful they were. They all came very fresh and opened just perfectly by Saturday, the service was great. Everything arrived on schedule and in great condition. On Wednesday I got a call saying that the green hydrangeas wouldn\'t arrive until Friday as the ones that they had to send were not in great shape. I kind of freaked out to say the least. I was skeptical, and I shouldn\'t have been. I heard from Vanessa twice ... on Thursday by 8:00 a.m., she had arranged for the flowers to arrive by 10:30 a.m. Friday.\nI am a very picky person, that became super stressed about the wedding planning as I wanted everything to be perfect. Ordering flowers from Fifty flowers should have been the least of my worries as everything worked out to plan or a quick solution was provided. Also, the flowers were spectacular!!!! Show more