Beautiful Hydrangeas!

Kelly Sandy (Bride) Greenwood, Indiana
I ordered 30 of the jumbo pink and green antique hydrangeas for my wedding/reception. I put four together for a bouquet for myself and three together for my daughter. I even placed one on top of my cake and broke up another one and placed it around the bottom of the cake. My favorite idea came from a website, to place one hydrangea in a square vase with lime slices inside the vase. They couldn\'t have been cuter. The flowers were in the most beautiful shape when they arrived on Thursday morning, right on schedule. My friend of mine and I even hauled all 30 of those flowers to the Conrad so we could start getting them ready. You wouldn\'t believe how many compliments we received on them! ... I had three five gallon paint buckets (Lowe\'s around $2.50 each) that each held 10 hydrangeas. They were absolutely stunning! Thanks so much! Somebody even called me an hour after the receipt of my flowers to make sure all my expectations had been met. They sure had! Show more