Beautiful Roses And Callas

Shannon (Bride) Eureka Springs, AR
I was very nervous about ordering my flowers online, but I went for it and it could not have turned out any better! I spent less money, and got exactly what I wanted. The flowers arrived, and I immediately received a phone call from a consultant to make sure everything was correct. The flowers did look a little sleepy at first, but after I trimmed the stem and put them in water, they came right back to life and the blooms were just beautiful! We used the 350 hot pink roses and 12,000 rose petals to make gorgeous centerpieces and boutineers, and we also used the petals to line the aisle. We took the 50 lilac roses and made groomsmen boutineers and bouquets for the bridesmaids. The 40 dark pink ... callas were used for my bouquet. The flowers were breathtaking and we got so many compliments from our guest. Thank you, Fifty Flowers, for making my day so beautiful! Show more