Beautiful Roses!!!

Amanda (Bride) Reading, PA
My wedding was on Monday November 5th 2012, hurricane Sandy hit a few days before and I was very worried my flowers wouldn't get to me on time. They needed time to open up, and I needed time to make my centerpieces and bouquets. Costumer service was awesome!!! Within 30 mins of me calling and explaining what was going on, they called FedEx, called me back and told me the flowers would be at my house no later than Saturday at 12pm (the first delivery date was Friday). My flowers arrived on Saturday at 9am!!! About 30 mins later FiftyFlowers called to make sure they got there on time. I followed the directions and just waiting for them to open up. After about 4-5 hours the roses were ready to be ... de-thorned! I had a very small wedding, about 60 people. I got 125 stems and that got me: 2 bouquets (mine and my MOH's), 11 centerpieces, some rose heads for around the cake, one rose for our memorial table, and huge vase of roses for our gift table. I love FiftyFlowers, and have told all my friends about them. My guests loved the flowers and took all the centerpieces home! Everything at my wedding was DIY, the invitations, flowers, etc etc. I will for sure order from FiftyFlowers again!!!! Show more

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The bulk roses were BEAUTIFUL!!! Very bright colors and smelled wonderful! The 'cream' roses never really turned a cream color, they came with some green outer petals and they stayed a light pink color. This actually worked out very well for us!