Beautiful Summer Wedding

Tasha Lorenzo (Bride) Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
I would just like to say how much my mother and I enjoyed the flowers!!! They were soo fresh and vibrant and the smell was breathtaking. You would have never guessed they came from the internet. They held up in 107 degree heat for the whole ceremony, and hydrageas are very delicate in heat but they were BEAUTIFUL! I had soo many left even after 7 bridesmaids, 1 mini-bride, my boquet (6 stems), and the CAKE! The star of bethlehem were so well put together and worth every penny and then some. I have been spreading the word about fifty-flowers. Don\'t be discouraged to do it yourself, the flowers fall into the right place and the customer service ladies will answer any questions you have. ... I saved over $1000 by doing the arrangements myself!! Show more