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Jessica Caron (Bride) Gardner, MA
My overall experience with FiftyFlowers from start to finish was amazing! They were very responsive to all questions and concerns leading up to my wedding, and incredibly helpful in helping me make selections. The flowers were absolutely stunning and we received so many compliments at our reception. My only regret was that we had to leave for our honeymoon immediately following the reception, so I wasn't able to enjoy them longer. Luckily, our family and guests did take them home, and they lasted for more than a week! I will be a customer for life and have already placed an order for the holidays. 
Flowers by Jessica Caron

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Flowers Used for Jessica Caron's Arrangements

Peach Spray Bulk Roses ( Small Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

These were a great peach color and opened very nicely! They were very hardy and lasted forever. These go a very long way since were are so many blooms per stem which was wonderful.

Ohara Soft Pink Garden Roses up close

Garden Rose Soft Pink Ohara ( 144 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

The only reason I am giving this 4 stars is because in my initial order I had them being delivered on Wednesday and when I bumped my order to 144 from 72, the order also got switched to a Thursday delivery. I didn't realize the date had got changed (really wish I had), and these were not open the way I anticipated for the wedding. You can see in many of the photos that they were still pretty closed, which was disappointing because I love the look many other brides were able to get on their wedding day (I literally stalked the Flower Stories)! I would really push for a Wednesday delivery if you want the very full bloom look. Had I realized that the date got moved to Thursday, I would have absolutely requested a change. There wasn't much I could do the day of my wedding when I realized they still hadn't fully opened, and it really was the least of my concerns. I still look forward to ordering these for various events! These also lasted forever and were still looking pretty healthy when we go home from our honeymoon. They were also a great color!

White ranunculus flowers online
Used for: Centerpieces , Other

Well, these are delicate and beautiful. Something I very much appreciate. Unfortunately the head popped off of 30% of them before they arrived. I contacted fifty flowers immediately and they were incredibly accommodating and quick with communication. Which was AWESOME! They gave me the choice to refund for the damaged flowers or to send out new ones. Since we had so many flowers, and I didn't want to mess with flowers arriving the day we were arranging, I opted for the refund. I will say though that of the usable flowers, many were just very sad looking. We did have some nice hardy healthy looking ones, but many just looked wilted and not attractive. We didn't end up using very many of these. I probably wouldn't order these again, but the way the damaged ones were handled was much appreciated.

Creamy White Garden Roses up close

Garden Rose Creamy White Blush ( 144 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Other

These were gorgeous. I wish they had opened up a bit more than they had (I know they did over the next few days after the wedding). They also lasted FOREVER. When we came home from our honeymoon, these were still doing well in the arrangements my mom had at her house. This was a week after our wedding. I loved the blush center, and will be ordering them again!