Bright & Bold Garden Party Wedding

Nathalie Tondeur (Bride) PELHAM, NC
I've always loved DIY crafting, and when I discovered I could make my own bouquets I was really excited! Plus, the cost was a major factor for the entire wedding. I picked up artificial flowers from my local art thrift store for centerpieces but wanted the real deal for my bouquets. So happy Fifty Flowers made my dreams a reality! We picked a sunset theme because our favorite colors are pink and orange. The foliage package helped a lot because as someone who has never made bouquets before I had a hard time choosing. Then I discovered the garden pack, which included all my favorites! I could choose the colors too, which was very important. So with orange ranunculus, pink scabiosa, and pink/white ... anemone I instantly had all the flowers I needed. I'm also a major deal hunter. Fiftyflowers is not the DIY flower site I started with, but it is the one I chose after hours and hours of price/quality research. This was the ONLY place where I could find the specific flowers I wanted, in the colors I wanted, the quantity I wanted, at the best price. In the end, it was a NO BRAINER! The drop-off was super easy. I got a text the day they came to deliver with a time window, and it was all there on schedule. This was great because I had planned to gather all my friends together to help me create! Every bridesmaid made their own, and I could get their opinions on mine. It truly was a team-building exercise! None of us had experience with flowers, but I looked up a couple of YouTube videos in advance and that helped a ton. Most of it came down to intuition and just taking the time to build them up layer by layer. My group made sure to check in with each other so all of them looked the same, but with a fun uniqueness. I liked that they weren't all exactly identical, just like their dresses. The foliage pack made it easy to get the height I was looking for. After crafting, we kept them in buckets and vases of water with some plant food mixed in. It worked out very well - the buds opened up beautifully! The venue was a gorgeous manor house at the North Carolina/Virginia border (where I spent over 50% of my budget). I didn't feel it needed much decorating because the garden was already so naturally beautiful, but we did end up using extra flowers/foliage to put in mason jars as a way to line the aisles. In the end, it was just a great experience that actually helped me relieve stress because it gave me something constructive to do the weekend of! Thanks FiftyFlowers! Show more
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