Brown And Green Wedding Flowers

Crystal (Bride) Cincinnati, OH
The lime green hydrangeas were absolutely beautiful. Everyone commented on how large the flowers were, and the shade of green was beautiful. \nThe Equadorian white roses were also gorgeous. \nThe chocolate cosmos were a rich, chocolate brown that hinted at a deep maroon color. Having never worked with chocolate cosmos before, I was a little concerned after reading some descriptions about the color, but they were a perfect shade, definitly more brown than maroon. They really did have a cocoa/chocolatey smell. However, while I was aware that the chocolate cosmos were a very delicate flower, I was a little surprised at how quickly and dramatically they started dropping petals. The cosmos were beautiful ... when they arrived on Thursday, and still looked wonderful on Friday. By Saturday morning, however, when we began to prepare the arrangements for that afternoon, they began dropping petals rapidly. Luckily, we needed much less than was ordered so we were able to get by. I would definitely recommend the chocolate cosmos, but my advice would be to not have them delivered until the day before the event, whenever possible. Show more