Dream Wedding Florals

Valerie Guan (Bride) Long Island City, NY
I had really particular flowers in mind for my big day and decided to turn to FiftyFlowers in order to achieve my dream flowers with a limited budget. Everything arrived pretty much on time and I had such a great time arranging with my bridesmaids, groomsmen(!), groom, and family members the day before. The flowers lasted nicely (make sure to buy flower food + crowning glory spray!). Thank you FiftyFlowers for allowing me to achieve my dream wedding look on a budget. While a bit stressful at times, it was all worth it in the end! 
Flowers by Valerie Guan

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Flowers Used for Valerie Guan's Arrangements

Lizzy Peachy Pink Champagne Wholesale Carnations Up close

Pinky Peach Fresh Cut Carnations ( 6 bunches, 150 stems )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

The carnations arrived a blush color but throughout the course of 2 days turned in the beautiful peach color shown on the website. So cute and durable. Highly recommend.

David Austin Peach Garden Roses up close
Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

A little upset as I LOVE Juliet roses. These never fully opened up, even when placed in a warm environment with warm water. My bridesmaids had to help gently open them up with their fingers. Did not weather so great, which was disappointing.

El Aleli Peach Flower ( 6 bunches or 60 stems )

Ohara Soft Pink Garden Roses up close

Garden Rose Soft Pink Ohara ( 36 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces

The smell of these flowers are AMAZING! Their fragrance was 95% of the reason I chose these. They also did not open up as fully as I would have liked but their scent is intoxicating!

DIY Dahlias and Ranunculus Combo Pack ( Dahlias and Ranunculus Combo Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Boutonnieres

So happy with the dahlias and ranunculus combo pack! From the start the dahlias were so big and beautiful. They looked great and added so much texture to the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces. The dahlias in my bouquet were a little droopy but I think that's because I used them on the edges. The ranunculus were so cute and opened up even more the day after the wedding! They lasted an entire week! We used them in the boutonnieres - I was apprehensive at first but they lasted nicely throughout the day. Everything was made the day before my wedding. (customer ordered White combination)

Creamy White Garden Roses up close

Garden Rose Creamy White Blush ( 36 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

LOVE these flowers! They smelled sooo good and opened up so beautifully. My favorite of the bunch.

Silver Dollar Ecualyptus flowers for Weddings
Used for: Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

Beautiful and smelled great! Lovely addition to the bridesmaids bouquets - added a whimsical feel. I used several branches to decorate a welcome sign and it looked fabulous! Lasted super long too.