Fifty Flowers To The Rescue!

Heather Hintz (Bride) Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Like most, I was hesitant to order flowers online; but I knew the only way I could have the wedding of my dreams (a wedding bursting with flowers) was to order online and not through an overpriced florist.\n\nI am so glad that I took the leap and ordered through Fifty Flowers. For my August wedding I ordered 338 garden and peony roses in all shades of pink and lavendar, 150 carnations, and 6,000 flower petals. \n\nJust as promised, FedEx was at my door a little before 10:30 with my flowers. My only regret is hiring a florist to do my bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, and arbor arrangement! (I didn\'t have enough trust in myself to do these), it was a big mistake as the one snafu in my wedding day ... was that the florist screwed up all of our bouquets (I asked for an all pink garden rose bouquet and ended up with 2 pink garden roses and the rest purple, white, yellow, and orange regular roses!)\n\nOrder from Fifty Flowers, where you will get the biggest bang for your buck! I wish I was getting married again just so I could order my flowers!!!! Show more