Garden Rose Sampling

Kelly Keller (Florist) DOVER, OH
I am planning to order flowers for a wedding this winter and thought it would be wise (and fun!!) to try out a sampling of garden roses. I ordered them to arrive for my daughter's 22nd birthday and arranged 22 of the 24 of them with some greenery from around my home.
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Flowers Used for Kelly Keller's Arrangements

Chrysal Floral Care Kit ( Chrysal Floral Care Kit )

OASIS® Jumbo Cage ( 4 OASIS® Jumbo Cages )

Whimsical Garden Rose Sample Pack ( Whimsical Sample Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces

I ordered 6 True White and received “Jeanne Moreau”, 6 Creamy Ivory Peony and received “Classic Woman” and 12 White Blush and received “White OHara”. The White OHara were exceptional. They looked gorgeous when they arrived and smelled beautiful. Every single bloom was perfect. They were strong and hearty and huge. The Classic Woman looked nothing like the photo on the website. If I needed an ivory color, they would not have worked. Since this order was just for fun, I did not mind and in fact, I absolutely loved them!! They were beautiful and opened perfectly and had no damage on the petals. The Jeanne Moreau looked sad when they arrived and I hoped they would recover but most of them did not. They had much more browning than the other varieties I received. The couple that did bloom were gorgeous and oh did they smell amazing.