Gorgeous Flowers For A Yellow Rustic Vintage Theme

Hollie King (Bride) Ottawa, ON
I am by no means a florist, however felt like I could be after receiving, cutting, and arranging these flowers. Not due to the difficulty of the task, but due to the wonderful quality of the flowers and the exceptional results! The flowers were packaged wonderfully, and the customer service was second to none- so I would definitely recommend using FiftyFlowers to anyone requiring florist-quality flowers at a competitive price. I am from Australia, but had organized delivery into Ottawa, Ontario Canada for my May wedding. I was skeptical that an online company would process my order correctly (especially when ordering 12 months in advance!) but after numerous changes (from my behalf) online via ... the online chat system, my worry was put to ease. The girls I spoke to were efficient and lovely. There was only one hiccup where the rustic box arrived a day later, however when I placed the order the girls online advised me to have the flowers delivered a day before I was going to need them (ordered for Wednesday and the wedding was Saturday), so the extra day was perfect for my needs. Thank you so much, FiftyFlowers! Show more

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Flowers Used for Hollie King's Arrangements

Succulent Cut Flower ( 30 Large Succulent Blooms )

Used for: Other, Bridal Bouquet, Centerpieces

These succulents were quite different from the picture, I thought they would have more pointed leaves, but we're probably even more gorgeous (and larger!) than I imagined. I wanted to create a toss bouquet using two succulents, but discovered they were a little too large and heavy for that, but they ended up looking beautiful on the card and cake table in rows sitting atop mason jars. I also used two on the wedding cake, and they were simply gorgeous! Just make sure to purchase some floral tape and wire as succulents don't have stems! I would absolutely not hesitate in ordering again from FiftyFlowers.

Sunflowers ( 100 Sunflowers, Allow 4 days for delivery, )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

These were packaged very well, and absolutely gorgeous. They came in a range of sizes from smaller to quite large, which was perfect, as I wanted to use the smaller ones in the bouquets, and the larger ones for the centrepieces. Stunning!

Rustic Wedding Flower Combo Box ( Rustic Greens Box )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Boutonnieres

These arrived one day later than the rest of our order, but it was worth it! The scabiousa pods were adorable, and easy to work with. I used all the contents for the bouquets, and the contrast of textures combined with sunflowers and cheesecake roses and billy balls was perfect. The only thing I didn't use was the bear grass, however this was only because I had too many other things to choose from!

Craspedia Billy Balls Yellow Flower ( 10 bunches or 100 stems )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Boutonnieres

Simply beautiful, and so easy and fun to work with. They went perfectly with our yellow rustic vintage theme.