Highly Recommend Flowers

Susan (Bride) Boise, Idaho
I am so impressed by your beautiful roses, peonies and attentive customer service. It was hard for me to confide in an online vendor for my wedding and reception flowers; I actually spent about 8 months researching which company to buy my wedding flowers and as your past clients have raved, I am so happy that I ordered my flowers from you. Every time I contacted FiftyFlowers, the customer service representatives were so friendly and reassuring. I blindly took a chance ordering from you and THANK goodness I did. As you promised, my flowers arrived at 10am (that was 30 minutes before they were guaranteed). Anxiously I opened up the boxes to find each and ever rose perfect. We cut the stems, ... and put them in water and waited till the next day to see the huge roses start to bloom. The roses look as though I had just picked them from my granny’s garden however much bigger and the color was so rich and velvet like. Your roses made my wedding the most spectacular event any of my friends have been to. I ordered 400 Black Magic Roses, 23 bunches of White Daisys, 300 light Pink Peonies and as you can tell from my pictures, the wedding and reception were amazing. I priced having a local florist do my wedding flowers, but the prices was 5 times more expensive. I recommend Fiftyflowers to any and every bride out there looking for amazing flowers at wholesale prices. Show more