It Turned Out Beautifully In The End

Donna Boyd (Mom) Fredericksburg, VA
My daughter loves peonies and it is the ONLY flower she wanted used at her wedding. After contacting a florist and getting a $550 quote for the bridal bouquet, I thought this is ridiculous. Kristin, Stacy's maid of honor, told me about and told me that she could take care of doing the flowers. Honestly, Kristin can do anything so I put in my order for 400 peonies. They showed up on Wednesday for the Saturday wedding but when I opened the boxes, I discovered that I had two boxes of pink peonies, one of hot pink, one blush but NO white which is what we were using for the bridal bouquet. I called customer service about 30 minutes before closing, sent them bunches of pictures of ... what we received and they took care of it. Within 18 hours I had my white peonies in hand. They had even made sure that the peonies I received were open so that they could be used immediately. The flowers were beautiful. I would, and have already, recommended to friends. Show more
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Beautiful flowers!

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Outstanding - absolutely beautiful!

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