Lake Michigan Wedding

Heather Hegberg (Bride) Muskegon, MI
Beautiful Day and weather, not hot or humid and it didn't rain! I was very lucky! We always wanted to be married near water! We have been dating for 5 years prior and we both wanted to have a semi-small wedding around 6o guests. The flowers' aroma contributed to the romantic, elegant, rustic feel of the atmosphere at the Grand Haven Connor Bayou venue where we had dinner and danced underneath a tent with chandeliers outside. Great food and great centerpieces! I had my wedding coordinator and bridesmaids help me clean the flowers and prepare them and place them in five-gallon buckets two to three days in advance. I had plenty of carnations left over and many roses too, we ended up using garden ... shears to prepare the flowers with. I went to Krogers and picked up more flower food for free at the florist section. The night before we made our own bouquets in which the bridesmaids had fun doing I ended up placing the some of the leftover carnations in the flower girls' hair. Show more
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These flowers perked right up less than 24 hrs! The Secret Garden Roses were huge! One the bunches one day late only because of the recent hurricanes affecting their flower farms but they were great when it came to communicating with me about the delay they made sure I was aware and that I had someone or my self at my house to receive the flowers when they delivered. Great Communication! I received many compliments on the centerpieces and I had the bridesmaid make their own bouquets as a fun thing to do the night before the wedding.


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