Late Summer Non-Traditional Wedding

Jessica Bauza (Bride) Radnor, PA
We ordered our king protea from FiftyFlowers because our florist was unable to source King Protea for our wedding date. After multiple calls assuring me they would arrive we ordered them. I was dead set on protea because they are great for people with allergies. I drove the giant box straight to my florist when they arrived. We opened them together and none of us could get over their beauty! We had so many extras we were able to make four arrangements of protea for decor at the venue. The florist loved the size and quality of my protea. My bouquet was gorgeous (but very heavy!) and I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm so glad I ordered from FiftyFlowers!
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Flowers Used for Jessica Bauza's Arrangements

King Protea Flower ( 8 Protea Stems )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

I absolutely adored these king protea! We ordered them for my bridal bouquet only because we were concerned that a majority would be unusable due to their delicate nature and the fact they were being shipped. NOPE! All of them came beautiful and we used all of them (not to mention a few extras were thrown in our order!) The protea did come closed and we kept them in indirect sun at around 70-75 degrees (a temperature controlled Florida room) in water. They opened beautifully in two days and just in time for our wedding. Everyone loved the unique look of the protea and how soft the pink petal parts were (think a puppy's belly or a lamb's ear). We had a pom-pom send-off for our recessional. We had a fun moment after our recessional where we noticed the protea "held" some of the pom-poms as noted in the pictures. The protea are very hardy and were not damaged when the bouquet was shaken to release the pom-poms. I can't recommend these gorgeous, unique flowers enough!


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