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Amy Jensen (Friend) ORLANDO, FL
I ordered this for centerpieces. I did mason jars, 1 quart and 2 pint sized jars for 7 tables, plus 4 more quart jars for other tables. I was not sure, so I order 2 bunches for around $200. When they came we put them in 3 Home Depot buckets. I had a ton of flowers to do all the jars, plus made 2 bouquets for the arch and still had 2 Home Depot buckets full. We spray painted the buckets and used them by the chairs. We even had plenty to put in the bridesmaids and brides hair. The flowers were lovely, I should have only got one order. I could have easily done bouquets for everyone and the boutonnières. The two buckets did look great!
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Lovely flowers - had tons of them