Lush Greens And Creams In Arkansas Wedding!

Ashley Teague (Bride) Fayetteville, AR
FiftyFlowers was the perfect option for our wedding vision and budget. My grandmother, who is a former florist, put together all of the flowers on Friday, and we kept them in the venues walk in cooler for the Saturday evening wedding. The flowers arrived on time, and I loved all of the updates on shipping and delivery times in those days. Just a warning to have flower food on hand, because ours did not come with any sort of flower food. Any local florist should have this for purchase. We used the flowers for my bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and 4 arrangements placed around the ceremony. We ended up having so many extra stems that we were able to just scatter ... them in the greenery at the front of the alter. It was absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't have asked for a better flower experience. I truly didn't think a floral filled wedding was possible for my budget, but thanks to FiftyFlowers the flowers in our wedding far surpassed my vision for our special day. Thank you so much for the great customer service and product! Show more
Flowers by Lavona Teague

Arrangements Made

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Flowers Used for Ashley Teague's Arrangements

Seeded Eucalyptus flowers for Weddings
Used for: Boutonnieres, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages, Other

This is such a durable flower choice and goes a long way!

Used for: Other, Corsages, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Bridal Bouquet

Arrived closed, but bloomed timely and great!

White Football Mum Flower ( 6 bunches or 60 stems )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages, Other

Fragile flower, but looked beautiful. Order extra.

White Wholesale Roses
Used for: Boutonnieres, Other, Corsages, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Bridal Bouquet

Held up well!