McMullian Wedding

Jane (Bride) Florida
I just have to write... Even in the heat of a Florida summer, and a FEDEX truck that arrived a day late, the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. They arrived on Wed., before the event. Looking a little wilted from the additional day of hear, I was concerned. But after cutting and hydrating the stems, they perked up fast. We had to watch the water levels...the stems drank a lot! I put the 120 stems of orange gladiolas (and 1 yellow stem :-) in flower buckets and placed them in a closet where is was dark and cool. By Thursday, the buds were beginning to open. On Friday, we added a little more light and some warmer water. By the wedding on Saturday, the stems were in full bloom! Every stem was in ... perfect shape, in full bloom, and beautiful. The 12 bunches filled 8 12\" galvanized tin French Market buckets...and were absolutely GORGEOUS! The blooms even lasted for 5 more days before wilting!!! Show more