Modern Garden Wedding With Garden Roses

Angela Davidow (Friend) SIMSBURY, CT
As a bridesmaid in the wedding party, I knew I would have responsibilities like making flowers with the bride. FiftyFlowers had the most beautiful display and selection of flowers. We were in awe of the variety. The bride, Chloe, and I decided we would make her 6 circular centerpieces and arrange her LONG 40-foot head table (statement farm table with the families and bridal party) with eucalyptus garland and garden roses. She decided to use modern gold terrariums, white candles, hexagon table numbers, votives, and gold runners to pull together the look. It turned out beautiful! However, there were a few panicked moments from when the roses and eucalyptus arrived to the day we have to deliver ... them to the venue. FiftyFlowers recommended her garden roses be delivered on Thursday for a wedding on Sunday. This was definitely too long. We kept the roses in a cool 70-degree basement in the dark with fresh water (and food), however, they started to bloom 2 days after arrival. A Friday or Saturday wedding would have been appropriate for such an advanced delivery day. By Saturday when were trying to arrange the roses, they were just falling apart! The bride immediately notified FiftyFlowers and let them know, which they apologized, gave a few suggestions and offered some money back. I believe she appreciated the contact with customer service, but she needed useable flowers for her wedding. A recommendation is to keep them colder than you think and order them earlier than recommended. The garland was the best most robust floral we ordered, it was in beautiful condition and needed the least work! Highly recommend garlands! The eucalyptus bunches were also good, however, many leaves were damaged and the quantity received was the bare minimum they state per bunch (6). So with less than accounted for stems of eucalyptus plus having to removed damaged, bug-eaten leaves, we were tight the eucalyptus for 6 round tables, cake, displays, and signs. We ended up making a few half-moons shaped gatherings for all the tables and signs. The bride didn't regret ordering through FiftyFlowers, though I wish it was less stressful for her in the end! Everything did turn out beautiful, but it was a labor of love! Show more
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Flowers Used for Angela Davidow's Arrangements

Whisper White Garden Rose ( 36 Garden Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

I did not end up getting Paper White Garden Rose but instead substituted with Whisper White Garden Roses. All of our garden roses bloomed within 2 days and started dying on the third. The wedding was on the 4th day! Needless to say, I panicked. There were about a dozen stems lossed! They were beautiful when fully bloomed.

Used for: Centerpieces

This was the best of the bunch. Extremely durable and beautiful garland. We kept them in the box for 4 days prior to the wedding! Good quality leaves, no damage, no dirt, no mold.

Silver Dollar Ecualyptus flowers for Weddings
Used for: Centerpieces , Other

We really loved silver dollar eucalyptus and were relatively happy with the quantity, despite thinking it wasn't enough, IT WAS. Expect 6 stems to a bunch and not 10. Also plenty of these leaves were damaged or eaten by bugs. Nearly every stem was not perfect, but we managed to pull a few leaves off and use what we had. My assortment did not look exactly like the picture.


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