My Sisters Wedding!!

Natalia (Bride) Taunton, MA
Where do I start.. My baby sister decided to get married within 3months. My parents have 6 girls and I am the only one they come to for artistic creations. Her budget was limited so I searched and searched, I came across a couple of online wholesalers, I compared prices and tesimonials. For some reason fiftyflowers always stood out. I didn\'t want to tell the bride that I was ordering her flowers online because she would not approve. For weeks I was sick to my stomach not knowing if the flowers would arrive on-time let alone alive. On 3/27 the flowers arrive and my husband was home for the delivery. He calls me and tells me the flowers have arrived and look beautiful. So I asked him to just make ... sure they were all there. I had ordered 125 roses and 20 Calla Lilies., he tells me NO! So I freak out and race home and realize that the packaging was so remarkable that he only counted the rose heads and not the stems (I could have killed him) haha! I could not believe how gorgeous the flowers looked. but I still had 2 days to go so I was still hesitant! Friday I had made the bouguets and the corsages and the bouts! This was my first time doing this so I was afraid the petals would fall apart, but not one! i was amazed. It\'s been a week since the wedding and the bouquests still look beautiful. Thank you fifyflowers for everything, the ladies were so wonderful and helpful to speak with. Can\'t wait for my next functions. Natalia Show more