No One Could Believe We Did Them Ourselves!

Morgan Yates (Bride) Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Between my mom, sister and myself we put together 20 centerpieces, 10 corsages, bridal and maid of honor bouquets, table corsages, and several smaller centerpieces for the cake and beverage rooms two days before the wedding and kept them in a cold room. The flowers arrive looking thirsty as stated but after following website directions they open up a lot and look so beautiful especially the garden roses and ranunculus. I would recommend them to anyone. Received a nice phone call from fiftyflowers the day they arrived to see if I had any questions or needed help. But make sure you prepare ahead, purchase some thorn/leaf strippers and pruning scissors and plant food. Have your supplies ready and ... with fiftyflowers you can create arrangements you never dreamed of (and would pay a fortune for from a florist.) No one could believe we had made them ourselves and it was very satisfying to have such a hand in my wedding. Also it should be noted that the flowers last over a week and a half after the wedding. I really cannot say enough good things about working with fiftyflower and the quality of their products. Good luck on your flowers girls! You can do it! Show more