Peonies In Pink!

Wendy Mills (Bride) Schenectady, NY
I have always loved peonies, and with my wedding being in June, I thought it'd be the perfect time of year for peonies! I'm pretty crafty, so I had to no doubts about my do-it-yourself skills, but I'll be honest I was nervous! Would my flowers arrive on time? Would they be alive? Would they be everything I hoped they would be?? Yes, yes and YES!! My flowers came, although some were more open that I thought they should be. I immediately called Lynne from customer service in a panic. She assured me that since it had been so warm, they might be a little more open when they arrive. No worries, she said, just put them in the fridge for a couple of days and they will be fine. Into the fridge ... they went until late Thursday night when we took them out, cut them, and put them in water. Just as I was reassured by Lynne, they were just perfect. We made the bouquets on Friday morning and just kept them in a little water until Saturday, my wedding day. They couldn't have been more perfect. Bright, fragrant, beyond gorgeous. I am thrilled by the customer service I received from the moment I ordered, until my panic of 'what to do next' passed. I recommend FiftyFlowers to any do-it-yourself-er willing to put in a little effort to save some money and get an equally, if not even better product than a florist! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Show more
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