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Shirley Yang (Bride) Carrollton, TX
My family and I are beyond thrilled that we found FiftyFlowers just two months before the wedding (yes, I slacked big time). The staff at FiftyFlowers have stepped in numerous times to help me make the whole process as easy and seamless as possible. I was able to send pictures of bouquets that I was eyeing via e-mail and chat to the staff and they were able to tell me average recipe breakdowns of how many flowers I needed. Amazing... I love how my mom and I could sit on the laptop and just have a blast picking out our favorite variations of flowers and greeneries - which made it a fun event to begin with. The cool part is that with the list of combo flowers, we were able to Pinterest different ... combinations that use the flowers we would be receiving. FiftyFlowers called and e-mailed to confirm our purchase, even letting us know that the day we chose for delivery probably would not work out well so we should attempt to get it delivered a day earlier. No problems there! I was so glad they made this recommendation since one (of about 5 boxes) was held up at customs and would be delivered the day after. Making these accommodations ensured that I had plenty of time for blooming and assembly. I will tell you that I'm beyond blessed for having a sister who whipped (over the course of about six hours) all these bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres together the day before the wedding. Be sure to ask the FiftyFlowers representative if you have any questions about care for the flowers. The buckets I followed to a T ended up looking phenomenal where as the ones I accidentally forgot about were looking a bit sadder. Another tip: purchase your water buckets, flower sheers, and flower food ahead of time. Everything worked out great and we even had roses leftover! THANK YOU FIFTYFLOWERS! Show more
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Flowers Used for Shirley Yang's Arrangements

Coral and White Carnations and Roses up close
Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages

All flowers were carefully packaged and in a way that was easy to cut and assemble. The carnations made gorgeous centerpieces while the roses looked fantastic in various combinations of bouquets. The colors were vibrant and looked fresh for days. For your reference, we chose light pink carnations, creamy white, light pink and dark pink roses, and eucalyptus baby greenery and bear grass greenery. We didn't end up using much of the bear grass greenery though.

Used for: Boutonnieres, Bridal Bouquet, Centerpieces , Bridesmaid's Bouquets

I was extremely excited about this Combo Pack since it allows you to select from a variety of flowers and greenery. We tried using the Stephanotis flower for the boutonnieres, but turns out the snapdragons from the other combo worked out better. The Dusty Miller was GORGEOUS and made a huge difference in my flowers.