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Christine Stefanik (Bride) CHARLOTTE, NC
I decided to order a sample pack of 4 different garden roses for my upcoming wedding in May. Since we're getting married in an actual rose garden, I knew I wanted these flowers to be the focus of my arrangements. I'm very excited to use FiftyFlowers to save money on my floral vision and want to give an opportunity for my out-of-town family and friends to get to know each other while giving them a fun bonding activity! I was curious about the actual ordering, shipping, and processing with an online flower wholesaler, while also still determining which colors I wanted to use. Since our colors will fall in the warmer spectrum and focus on pinks, peaches, and corals, I chose a combination that ... is further explained down below. The ordering process was fantastic and I received a call from FF not an hour after confirming my purchase. The kind woman on the phone went over all of the processing details then, to make sure I had the right equipment (i.e., buckets and scissors or shears) ready when my order was to arrive. Everything else went very smoothly as well, getting calls and texts confirming shipment, delivery, and receipt of my flowers. Processing two dozen roses did not take long at all and made me more confident in what to expect for the big day. I look forward to using FF for my wedding flowers and know they'll do everything in their power to make it as successful and painless as possible! Show more
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Flowers Used for Christine Stefanik's Arrangements

Whimsical Garden Rose Sample Pack ( Whimsical Sample Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

I ordered White Blush, Pink O'Hara, Make Me Blush, and Smiles in the Sky. Absolute favorite was the "Make Me Blush", which is labeled in the photos as "Like a Virgin". Not only was the color fantastic (almost glowing peach center to blush pink tips) but they were the most beautifully fragrant roses I've ever smelled and they opened quickly and perfectly with some even opening to expose the stamen which added a fresh, organic look to the arrangements. "White Blush" looks much more blush-colored when in bud form and lightens up considerable when opening, almost to just a total white rose as you can see in some of the pictures. These may have been the most delicate variety, with the first starting to wilt on Monday (Thursday delivery) with the others following Tuesday and Wednesday. Fragrance was lovely and strong, but not like MMB. I really, really wanted to like the “Smiles in the Sky” roses, labelled “Salmanasar” in the photos, because of their peony-like shape and fun fringy textured edges, but they just didn’t open up like the others and some had weaker stems that didn’t support the rose head well (it could be that they needed to stay in the cardboard collar a little longer). The colors developed beautifully in the centers, becoming a rich coral tone. But, these had the least amount of fragrance, if any. Also possibly worthy to note that these roses were all at least 4-6 inches longer in stem than the other varieties. Unfortunately, “Pink O'Hara” didn’t WOW me like the other, more unique roses. They are a very typical garden rose shape and had a typical soft garden rose fragrance. A very beautiful soft pink rose on its own, but very hard to stand out next to Make Me Blush and Smiles in the Sky!