So Many Beautiful Blooms!

Jill Wiles Wolf (Florist) Chicago, IL
The bride specifically requested these flowers in this particular shade of purple to match the Groom and Groomsmens' bow ties. We ordered enough to use as an accent flower for the bouquets and the simple centerpieces she would use at the receptions. The flowers were so plush and there were so many blooms on each stem, we had more than we needed! She was thrilled to be able to fill out the centerpieces with this fun shade and make them bigger than expected.
Flowers by Jill Wiles Wolf

Arrangements Made

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    Bridal Bouquet
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    Bridesmaid's Bouquets
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Flowers Used for Jill Wiles Wolf's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Boutonnieres

The flowers were lovely! They arrived on time, and there were so many blooms per stem that we had more than enough to use them as the accent flower in all the wedding florals. Customer Service was terrific, too.