Stunning Flowers

Melissa (Bride) Delaware
I ordered 250 purple mini-carnations and the 50 rose wedding package. Flowers arrived on Thursday, a little bit after noon at my future in-laws home. I had to work a 1/2 day, but she said that someone called shortly after that to make sure they had arrived and to give watering/care instructions. When I opened the boxes, the flowers did look a bit \"sleepy\", but by the time of the ceremony reception, they had opened just the right amount. I was pleased with the customer service I received as I had requested a substitution of some greens. The color of the purple mini-carnations was not exactly what I expected, but there is the disclaimer that says something about the enviroment cannot be controlled ... to get the exact color shown. So if you are wanting an exact color, I would go to a local florist so they can match it for you. It didn\'t matter in my case as the theme was shades of purple and red. When I logged in to my account on the FiftyFlowers website, it said click below on the FedEx tracking number to track your packages. However, there was no tracking number to click on! The FedEx number did show up in my emails though. Overall, a very good experience; it\'s a risky prospect ordering things like flowers sight unseen! Thank you Fifty Flowers for affordable DIY flowers. I would order from you again! Show more