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We are planning to host my daughter’s wedding at our KY farm in 2019. I love working with flowers and am hoping to do the floral arranging ourselves. Have been researching floral companies and specific flower varieties online, and have found FiftyFlowers to be a wonderful resource with a great customer service department. I’ve ordered a couple of times from them, not only to research specific flowers but also just to get a feel for their system. I’ve been very pleased with the care that goes into everything they do—-from their website to the flower care instructions, to the customer service, to the packaging. This Vendela Ivory Rose is absolutely stunning—-we’ve ... definitely found our focal flower!! They arrived safely packaged in the protective cardboard (see the first picture). The next two pictures are taken late that same day, after hydration and removal of cardboard. The remaining pictures are taken two days later. This Rose is big, sturdy, and beautiful neutral ivory. I don’t think pictures can do these babies justice, and they looked like this for TWO WEEKS! Show more
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