Summer Wedding

Andrea Schneier (Bride) Edgerton, MN
I made the decision to order our wedding flowers off very early on in the planning process. As far as bouquets went, I knew I wanted something simple but still colorful, full-looking bouquets....not just small and perfectly rounded. Something slightly rustic looking, but feminine. After searching through every flower on the site (then cross-referencing bouquets online) I decided that Stock flowers were perfect! This was two years ago already (always meant to get online and let everyone know how pleased I was with the final result). I am so happy I decided on these flowers. They arrived two days before rehearsal at my house. I was initially worried about how they looked (of course ... you are going to have some anxiety about ordering online, I am picky so I was even more worried). I gave FiftyFlowers a call and they assured me they just needed some water after their long trip to me. Sure enough, an hour later I had them unpacked and in vases and they perked right up. They smelled AMAZING. They transported to our site great! We put them together into bouquets the night before the wedding - it took all of 15 minutes for us to do it! The ONLY recommendation, based on what I noticed, is do not put them in the fridge. They were a little droopy looking the next morning (wedding morning). I took them out and when they warmed up they looked great again. My bouquet lasted all through photos--with 20 mph winds--and through reception well into the next few days. Best part....I paid $80 for all 5 bouquets. Wish I would have done centerpieces with them, had I known how well they would last, how full they would actually look I would have taken the plunge and ordered far more. A few stems together in a vase would be all you would need! Show more
Flowers by Andrea Schneier

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Flowers Used for Andrea Schneier's Arrangements

El Aleli Hues of Pink Flower ( 6 bunches or 60 stems )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Very beautiful! I ordered for my wedding bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets. They even lasted longer than I expected! Very pleased! Go in and find my story for more details on the flowers!