Test Centerpieces For Engagement Party

Judith Engelberg (Mom) DIX HILLS, NY
I am making an engagement party on August 3rd for my son and his lovely fiance! I was nervous about not hiring a local florist for centerpieces but was so intrigued by the website, so I decided to order some test centerpieces a few weeks ahead to see whether I would feel comfortable going through I actually ordered 4 large Delightfully Pink Centerpieces and one medium Bushing Belles Centerpiece. They arrived, as promised on Wednesday and I hydrated them, cut the stems, as directed and made the centerpieces on Saturday as though my affair would be that night. They came out beautiful and the only thing that I did was to take the calla lilies from the Bushing Belles Centerpiece ... and added them to Delightfully Pink Centerpieces for a deeper pop of color. I was so happy with them that I ordered 24 large Delightfully Pink Centerpieces for our upcoming party together with extra calla lilies and can't wait to receive them!!!!! Show more
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Blushing Belles Centerpieces ( 1 Medium Centerpiece )

Delightfully Pink Wedding Centerpieces ( 4 Large Centerpieces )

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