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Claire Garrett (Bride) WHEATON, IL
I am a bride and a part-time florist. For my wedding this past October I was heart set on doing my own flowers. I did every piece, with the help of a few friends, which included personal flowers, centerpieces and accent pieces for the reception and church. One of the most challenging aspects of floral design for me is to get just the right color of flowers. I have been so happy with previous orders that I've placed with FiftyFlowers so ordering roses from them for my own wedding was an easy choice. It relieves so much stress to browse all of their options and pick just the right peach/orange rose for my not-too-fall color scheme. Delivery was on time and fresh--as always! Thank you!!
Flowers by Myself, Claire

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These roses were lovely. I was going for a classy, subtle fall look for my October wedding and these were a lovely alternative to bright orange flowers.