Wedding Flowers - Dahlias, Freesia, Gardenia

Paula (Bride) Chicago, IL
I wanted to take some time and provide some feedback on my experience with Fiftyflowers! First of all, I was super apprehensive on ordering my wedding flowers online. Obviously, I\'ve never done such thing before nor have my closest friends. So I searched and researched online vendors, and found the feedback very helpful, So now it is my time to hopefully be of some help to others. \nMy wedding was on Aug 21st and I didn\'t need to go through a florist/floral shop as one of my aunts from Europe was flying in to arrange everything exactly the way I wanted it to be. However, I did want good quality flowers. I ordered a little over $2000 worth of flowers and was terrified, absolutely terrified on ... how everything would arrive and turn out. I placed the order July 20th or so and scheduled the delivery for Wed Aug 18th (3 days before the wedding).\n\nThe flowers arrived by 11am on Wed, packaged up in boxes, safe and secure. All of the flowers looked pretty good I must say, considering the transit and hot weather. We took all out, cut the ends of the stems and put all in cold water in the cool basement (thank God for a huge basement that my parents have)\n\nThe flowers needed some time to rest up, soak up water and begin to open up a bit. The next morning- they looked AMAZING. The buds began to open up and the gerber daisies began to straighten up. \n\nI ordered the following: Akito White Roses, White Spray Roses, Stephanotis, White Cymbidium Orchids, White Asiatic Lilly, Dahlias, White Daisies, Hydrangeas, Snapdragon, White Freesias (loved them, help up super long), Gardenias, Anastasia Spiders, and Cordeline leafs to fill out the vases. I believe that a week before the shipment I got a call about Ranunculus not being available and I chose Dahlias instead which actually worked out great.\n\nAlso, I received an extra shipment of the Anastasia Spiders instead of the daisies which the representative got worked out in a matter of hours and I got some $ refunded right away. All of the flowers looked great and lasted well over Sat night! The only thing I\'d suggest is being careful on the Gardenias, I paid $20 per each flower and ordered 3. \n\n\nIf you MUST have it- have it shipped a day before. The Gardenias arrived on Wed but by the next day the edges began to brown up. I called fiftyflowers and they sent me another 3 (free of charge) the next day! I mean they were on top of it all which I really appreciated. But being the delicate flower that the Gardenia is I\'d think again about ordering them, they did smell amazing though \nOverall- great experience despite my apprehensions, and believe me- I was really skeptical and worried. Great place to order flowers from. \n\n My flowers turned out stunning. Made about 28 centerpieces/arrangements, all of the boutonnieres, 7 bouquets, 4 huge arrangements for the church and still had some left over for additional house decorations. The flowers were fresh and great quality that\'s why they held up so well! Everyone literally kept guessing that I spent $6000-$7000 on flowers which isn\'t even close! I spent $2800.\nUse fifty flowers I had a good experience! Show more