Wedding Flowers In NC

Leah Collins (Bride) North Carolina
I ordered flowers online because I was on a tight budget and wanted to arrange them myself with the help of family and friends. I don\'t normally order things online but reading the other testimonials made me take the chance. The flowers arrived 2 days before the wedding via Fed Ex and they were absolutely beautiful. They came packed in cardboard wrapping around the blooms and plastic around the stems in a large cardboard box. I ordered 400 pink and yellow roses and they were the most beautiful blooms! We arranged them the night that they came and then put them in buckets of water. They lasted beautifully. They still look good and it has been 5 days now. I also ordered petals. They were ... also beautiful and I had soooo many! The day the order arrived we got a call from the company to make sure that they arrived and were up to standards...they answered our questions (ie. how to take care of the petals and to not put flower food in the water unless we wanted them to open up now). They were very helpful and hospitable! I would recommend this site to any one especially my friends and family! If it is good enough for me it is good enough for them! I am highly pleased! Show more