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Brianne Bingham (Bride) Mount Hood, OR
Our wedding was simple and small. Our planning was very minimal, but we had fun with it. Almost all of our decorations were homemade, and we wanted to do our own flower arrangements. Originally we had picked a big box store to deliver our flowers, but forgot to order them, oops. So a week before the wedding the other store couldn't deliver in time, and thus insued a stressful two hours of calling and freaking out over the prices other florists charged. Until we landed on! They had the colors and flowers we needed, and could deliver in the time we needed AND they weren't overpriced. So we placed an order and went on with our day. We then received a call from FiftyFlowers with ... one of their reps explaining that they were calling not because there was a problem with the order, but that they were worried that the date we picked for delivery and the event date were so close together the lillies we ordered wouldn't open in time. So they changed our delivery date for us, split up the deliveries to arrive on different days to allow the lillies to open, while still getting the other flowers as fresh and beautiful as they could be. Not only were they proactive in making sure my order was right, my flowers would look good on the day of our wedding, super professional, and they didn't charge extra for anything. So our last minute panic led us to a gem of a company I would definitely recommend! Show more
Flowers by Jennifer Bingham, and Randi Moore

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Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet