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Whitney Simmons (Bride) Charleston, WV
I was originally pretty nervous about the thought of ordering my wedding flowers over the internet and trusting that I would receive what I ordered and on time, but I was blown away by the quality of the flowers. I ordered 4000 Green and Cream Irish Petal Blend and a box of each 23 and 14 Green Cream centerpieces that contained button poms, roses, carnations, and daisies. I didn\'t need nearly that many centerpieces but I was unsure whether they would be large or small, or exactly how to judge size and quality over the internet so I wanted to prepare for the worst. I was so impressed once I unpackaged all of the bouqets and cut the flowers. They had put one extra bouqet in each of the boxes, ... I\'m assuming just in case any of the flowers were damaged and unusable, which they weren\'t. Sure a few blooms fell off here and there but I\'m talking maybe 5 out of all of the bundles, but I expected that since they were packaged and shipped via mail. I ended up with tons of extras that we cut and tied to use as aisle runner flowers, and for all of the extra tables. They were beautiful!! Tons of people commented on how pretty they were as well. But I just wanted to post this for the people out there like me that were sceptical of ordering flowers online - this sites flowers were definately up to par with a florist and much cheaper! Show more

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Flowers Used for Whitney Simmons's Arrangements

Green and Cream Irish Dried Petal Blend ( 4,000 Petals/ 100 cups )

Used for: Other, Centerpieces