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Winter White Wedding In The Texas Hill Country

Veronica Calhoun (Bride) Jonestown, TX
Susan Calhoun (mom) ~ When Veronica shared her vision of a winter wedding with fresh white flowers and ample greens, I knew that it would be nothing less than magical. The venue she selected is reminiscent of an old Italian Villa with a magnificent gazebo overlooking Lake Travis outside of Austin. I fully understood the possibilities for keeping with the vernacular; having the white flowers be magnificent, yet maintaining a sublime tone calling back to another time and place. What I did not have a grasp of, however, was how to scale and still being mindful of budget. I decided the answer was to have a local florist prepare the wedding party flowers, and I would handle the reception areas, ceremony ... chair accents, the gazebo, and the flowers for the ice sculpture candlesticks that were to be at the altar. Once we decided to take this tact, I was lucky to find Fifty Flowers at first look. I was awed at the availability of so many of my favorite flowers (lilacs! offseason). Veronica and I looked at the selections and placed the order. I love working with flowers so as long as I had a day of help from my three Aunts, I felt good about the practicality of decision. The level of care and professionalism with customer care left me honestly not concerned about if we made the right decision. Everything was explained to me in careful detail and each of the ladies so pleasant!! I have included pictures of my 'flowers in waiting' as I know I'd like to see myself what to expect when they arrive and they are waiting to be assembled. The one item I am truly happy that I ordered, was the 'DIY Wedding Box Combo' flowers which included ivy, gardenia, and stephanotis. I used it at the base of the ice candlesticks, and nothing could have been more beautiful! Two weeks later many of the flowers are still in good shape enough to share and I am now using remaining with Christmas decor. The ivy garlands grace my entry door and fireplace. I kept the base stems in water and hoped to have success rooting them so Veronica and Cameron may have their wedding ivy at their home one day. Kind Thanks for all ~ I will most certainly be back. Show more
Flowers by Susan Calhoun

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Flowers Used for Veronica Calhoun's Arrangements

White Mini Carnation Flowers ( 30 Bunches or 300 Stems )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

Put carnations in water tubes and tucked into ivy for ceremony end chairs. 15 days later going strong! lovely scent, used in reception centerpieces as well

Avalanche White Rose ( 100 Roses )

Used for: Centerpieces

Will order again, each bud packaged with so much care. Used on reception tables. So many compliments!

OASIS™ Water Tube, 4 Inch ( 500 OASIS™ Water Tubes 4 Inch )

Used for: Other

used to put carnations in ivy on end chairs for ceremony. Use zip ties to secure, then wrapped with ivy strand to conceal. Perfect!

Used for: Centerpieces

A little more work to tend to the pollen, but what a show stopper! Heady scent. Still have new blooms 15 days later!

Wedding greenery dusty miller filler flowers sold near me

Dusty Miller Greens ( 5 Bunches )

Used for: Centerpieces

Wedding colors were white, green and silver.. the silvery green added nice contrast, especially with white Veronica flowers.

DIY Wedding Flower Accent Box ( Wedding Combo Box )

Used for: Other

Used as base of candlestick ice sculpture at altar. Over the top please how came out. I needed more ivy so took some from ends of garlands that ordered. Still getting compliments!.

Veronica White Flower ( 5 Bunches )

Used for: Centerpieces

Namesake flower for the bride~ used on end tables, bar, and welcome table. Exceptional quality!

Used for: Centerpieces

Used on reception tables. Longer than I needed so also used ivy on chair ends and around ice sculpture. Beautiful!! More than two weeks after fresh! (I keep ends in water.) Now I have one garland on fireplace and the other around door for Christmas decor~~ Fresh is SO nice!


Susan Calhoun
Susan Calhoun
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