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Wedding Ideas, wedding bouquets, and planning tips from brides like you. Testimonials from FiftyFlowers.com brides and planners

everything and more 20cf4e1 medium

Everything And More

At first I was a little panicked when I saw the box that was dropped off by the FedEx guy, to use his word... it was "crushed" (I don't know what I was expecting the box to look like, after all the Callas came from Ecuador.) However, after the initial panic ...

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Keena Schneider 2016-08-10 10:24:29 FiftyFlowers.com
charming outdoor wedding 3560858 medium

Charming Outdoor Wedding

The wedding was an outdoor event in a white wedding tent. Many of the details of the wedding were DIY, including the flowers. We were nervous to do wedding flowers on our own, but we found the ordering process through Fifty Flowers was so simple! (The hardest ...

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Jessica Lee 2016-07-06 10:26:58 FiftyFlowers.com
colorful diy wedding 9022db9 medium

Colorful Diy Wedding

I knew I wanted to tackle a big DIY project for the wedding, but just didn't know what until I came across the APW post about DIY wedding flowers. Meg Keene made the whole process seem so doable, so I just said sure, why not? Funny enough, I didn't know ...

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Simin Zhang 2016-06-13 22:44:55 FiftyFlowers.com

The FiftyFlowers Story

What you should know about wedding flowers

Learn more about FiftyFlowers in 3 minutes! We discuss our flower operations and commitment to the customer in this short video that was shot on location at the most recent International Flower Show in Quito, Ecuador. Our summary: Wholesale flowers for special events and weddings delivered on time and guaranteed fresh.

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